Jerky Wives Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks – Mom the Jack of All Trades – Two are Better Than One FullHD mp4 2019

Added: 2/16/19 10:05am

“Haven’t you always wanted to do this?” Aunt Cory asks me, as she leans back on the bed with her legs spread towards me. I stick my hard cock inside her right away, and she asks me how her pussy feels. “Tight and warm!” I exclaim. She asks me if those photos she sent me the other day ended up helping me, but I explain to her how my mom ended up walking in on me while I was jerking off.

Aunt Cory tells me that I am doing a fabulous job of fucking her when all of a sudden mom opens the bedroom door!! Mommy is pretty mad at me for fucking Aunt Cory because I wasn’t supposed to fuck her unless my mom was involved too! I really wanted to fuck my aunt by myself, but now that mom is here I guess I will have fun fucking both of them at the same time. Cory strips my mom out of her red dress and her matching gold bra and undies. Aunt Cory takes the initiative and throws my mom down on the bed and starts kissing her body.

I walk up behind my aunt and stick my cock inside of her pussy while she eats my mom’s pussy! I fuck my mom next, while my aunt and mom lick each other’s tits… this is starting to be even more fun than I imagined! I even get to choke my mom while I fuck her, as Aunt Cory masturbates next to us… When I get close to cumming, I have my aunt and my mom suck my cock for a little before I cum right in my mom’s mouth… some of my cum ended up getting on my mom’s face but Cory licks it off mom’s face!! Time for me to go take a shower…

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Xander Corvus, Brandi Love – Brandi Loves Latex – My Mommy gots big boobs HD mp4 [720p/2019]

Brandi Love is a model homemaker and pristine stepmother, but her stepson, Xander Corvus, is wildly attracted to her and wonders whether she has a more licentious side. While Brandi applies make-up and performs her morning toilette, her doting husband places a box containing a secret, sexy outfit under her bed, and after Brandi sends him off to work, she discovers the package. As Brandi tries on her new latex catusuit, Xander is able to enjoy an extended look at his stepmom’s sexy alter ego.

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My Adorable Sister – Katarina Kay – The Tabooddhist FullHD mp4

Starring Katarina Kay and MilesKatarina goes in to Miles room to borrow something and catches him masturbating. Shes grossed out and covers her eyes, telling him to cut it out, but he doesnt. You could help me out he suggests, but this notion seems repulsive to her, since hes her brother. But his buddies told him about the other night at a party when she sucked 4 dicks in a dark room at a party.

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WCA Productions – Kendra Heart – Roommates With My Hot Cousin FULL Video FullHD mp4

Its my freshman year at collage and my older cousin Kendra’s senior year. her roommate moved out so she said i could move in and take over that half of the rent. when i got there she showed me the room and said the only downfall was one bathroom and to get it she would have to go through my room. that was fine with me so i unpacked and went to bed. early the next morning Kendra came in to my room to shower and she thought i was still knocked out, she closed the door to the bathroom and dropped her towel. she forgot that the door has a window so when i spied on my cousin naked i got a ragging boner, i think im gonna like collage! This is part 1 of Roommates With My Hot Cousin, it stars Kendra Heart and is a POV Taboo Coed Collage Roommate Tease Scene

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Three Scenes – Fan Favorite: Cum-in-Mouth SD mp4

These three previously-released clips were so popular that I decided to release them all again in this compilation for 70% off!

Controlling the Cock
My favorite part about giving a handjob or blowjob is the control that I have over the cock. Watch me as I stroke up and down at the speed I desire. I taunt you with how good it would feel to receive a handjob from me. You know that my expert touch would bring you to the brink. I tease with my tongue, flicking & gesturing but not actually licking or sucking the cock until the very end. You see, I have complete control over when he cums. You would like to know what it’s like for me to have that kind of control over you. Then right when he reaches the point of no return, I take my hands off, wrap my lips around the cock, and stare right at you while he blow his huge load in my mouth. Then it dribbles back out onto the shaft, and I continue sucking him, as he writhes in sensitivity beneath me. I love to know that I can force a man to cum in my mouth.

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Seduced by the hot Airbnb host – cum on nylon feet FullHD mp4

The house guest has just arrived in to the city this morning. He arranged to stay with a host via Airbnb, this host has amazing reviews! The host said she’d be at home cleaning when he arrives.

The guest is walking up the driveway and see’s a woman cleaning and doing some garden work. As he gets closer she looks up, stops working and comes up to meet the guest. She’s wearing dirty clothes from all the cleaning, they don’t fit particularly well, she has very little make up, has dirt stains on her face, and her hair is tied back or covered up, to avoid the hair getting dirty. She looks plain and unremarkable!

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